When Do People Retire Around the World? Unveiling Global Trends

Retirement ages vary globally and are influenced by factors such as government policies, economic conditions, and cultural norms. Here's a brief overview of retirement ages around the world

United States

The full retirement age for Social Security benefits is typically between 65 and 67, depending on the year of birth.

United Kingdom

The state pension age in the UK is gradually increasing, reaching 66 for both men and women. It is set to rise further in the coming years.


The retirement age in Germany is gradually increasing to 67, with plans for further adjustments based on demographic trends.


Japan has been increasing its retirement age, aiming to raise it to 65 by 2025, encouraging longer work participation.


 China's retirement age varies, with 60 for men, 55 for female civil servants, and 50 for female workers. There have been discussions about raising the retirement age due to an aging population.


The retirement age for accessing the Age Pension is gradually increasing to 67 by 2023.


The standard age for receiving the Old Age Security (OAS) pension in Canada is 65. However, individuals can choose to delay it and receive higher benefits.


The legal retirement age in France is 62, but there are provisions for early retirement and incentives for working beyond this age.


Brazil has a flexible retirement age, with the possibility of retiring between 53 and 65, depending on contributions and other factors.

South Korea

The retirement age in South Korea is 60, but the government has been considering raising it to address demographic challenges.

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