Track Santa 2023: NORAD and Google Santa Claus Trackers Live Journey

Every Christmas Eve, NORAD and Google team up to track Santa Claus' magical journey from the North Pole.

Google initiated its Santa tracking in 2004, offering a Santa Tracker 2023 app, website, and Google Assistant for real-time updates.

NORAD's Santa tracking dates back to 1955, sparked by a phone number mix-up in an ad, leading to the birth of NORAD Tracks Santa.

NORAD receives calls from worldwide well-wishers, and on Christmas Eve, military personnel and volunteers actively update the website with Santa's whereabouts.

Google's Santa Tracker 2023 app and website allow users to follow Santa's progress, while Google Assistant adds a festive touch with Santa jokes and updates.

Google goes beyond tracking, offering a family guide, quizzes, and Christmas-themed games for a wholesome holiday experience.

NORAD's accidental tradition has evolved into a global phenomenon, with Canadian and American military personnel and volunteers joining the effort.

NORAD's Santa tracking service extends to various platforms, including social media, Amazon Alexa, OnStar, SiriusXM, and Bing search engine.

In its 68th year, NORAD continues the heartwarming tradition, intercepting Santa with fighter aircraft and giving him a friendly 'wing wag' as he travels worldwide.