Rolls-Royce's Amethyst Droptail 

Rolls-Royce's Amethyst Droptail 

Rolls-Royce has introduced the Amethyst Droptail, the second limited-production convertible in a series of four unique units. 

The Amethyst Droptail draws inspiration from the amethyst gemstone and features an ethereal purple paint job, along with real amethyst gems embedded in the gauge cluster.

Each Droptail in this exclusive collection has a distinctive theme; the first, named La Rose Noire, showcased a deep red exterior with intricate wood trim in the cabin. 

The Amethyst Droptail's design includes swaths of open-pore wood and purple-tinted carbon fiber, providing a luxurious and unique aesthetic.

Rolls-Royce has not disclosed the price of the Droptail, but a previous bespoke project, the Boat Tail, exceeded $20 million.

The client who commissioned the Amethyst Droptail runs a gemstone boutique and possesses a private museum, collecting jewels, cars, and artwork.

The purple tones throughout the car, inspired by the amethyst gemstone, resonate with the client's connection to the birthstone of their son.

The elegant paint job of the Amethyst Droptail is also influenced by the globe amaranth wildflower, which blooms near one of the client's homes in the desert.

Rolls-Royce deviated from tradition with the Droptail's grille, angling the vertical vanes inward for the first time, showcasing a unique and intricate design.

The interior of the Amethyst Droptail features Calamander Light open-pore wood, chosen to match Sand Dunes leather accents, and includes a removable hardtop roof with electrochromic glass.

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