San Diego's Devastating Thousand-Year Storm: An Unprecedented Emergency

Unprecedented Deluge

San Diego faces a historic "thousand-year storm," causing chest-deep floods, vehicle chaos, and cries for help within minutes.

City in Crisis

Hundreds rescued as torrential rainfall wreaks havoc, flooding homes and businesses, leaving lives changed in a matter of minutes.

Climate Emergency Impact

The aftermath reveals millions in damages, disrupted housing, transportation, and ruined valuables from this extraordinary weather event.

Meteorological Anomaly

More than 4 inches of rain in hours, shattering records. The airport records its wettest January day, underscoring the severity of this climate crisis.

Neighborhoods Inundated

Southeastern San Diego, including Southcrest and Logan Heights, bear the brunt of the storm, with city and county declaring a local emergency.

State of Emergency

Governor Gavin Newsom declares a state of emergency for San Diego, emphasizing the dire situation and the need for swift response and recovery.

Displacement Crisis

Hundreds displaced with a potential rise, emergency shelters operational, and officials urging residents to report flood damage for comprehensive assessments.

Resilient Rescues

San Diego Fire Chief Colin Stowell commends over 150 successful rescues despite challenging conditions, emphasizing the remarkable feat of no fatalities.

Unanticipated Severity

City officials admit being unprepared for the storm's extent, emphasizing the unpredictability and the urgent need for climate resilience investments.

Climate Change Reality

Mayor Todd Gloria underscores the storm as a consequence of climate change, urging recognition, preparation, and investment in resilient infrastructure.

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