Virginia Tech Football

Virginia Tech Football

Unique Game-Day Attire

 Hokies' punter, Peter Moore, set to wear a special jersey, No. 25, in the upcoming Military Bowl against Tulane.

Coach's Decision

Head coach Brent Pry revealed the jersey change in a recent team meeting, adding an element of anticipation to the game.

Honoring a Legacy

Moore's jersey, No. 25, holds significance as it belonged to the legendary Frank Beamer, adding a layer of honor to the occasion.

Local Roots

Moore, a junior and Annapolis native, expresses pride in representing his hometown team, Virginia Tech, in a bowl game.

Impressive Season Stats

Highlighting Moore's performance this season with 58 punts, 2,508 yards, and an average of 43.2 yards per kick.

Hometown Honor

Moore emphasizes the honor of wearing No. 25, especially in the Military Bowl, expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

Double Tribute

Wearing No. 25 twice in one year is deemed special by Moore, emphasizing the significance of the Military Bowl

Coach Beamer's Legacy

Moore looks forward to embodying the legacy of Coach Beamer's special teams greatness through wearing No. 25.

Previous Showcase

Moore previously sported No. 25 in a victorious game against Pittsburgh, foreshadowing the pride he'll bring to the field against Tulane.