Explore Bugatti's Bolide Hypercar

Explore Bugatti's Bolide Hypercar

Demand Defying Concept: Bugatti's insane Bolide hypercar, initially an experimental concept, is set for production due to overwhelming customer demand. 

Aesthetic Triumph: Voted the most beautiful hypercar despite being a limited edition track-only vehicle, the Bolide challenges traditional expectations. 

Racetrack-Ready Design: The Bolide's exterior, crafted as a racetrack-oriented hyper sports car, pays homage to Bugatti's 1920s motorsport legacy. 

Aero Efficiency Marvel: Featuring minimal bodywork, a morphable outer skin, and a crazy rear wing, the Bolide prioritizes aero efficiency for enhanced traction. 

Powerhouse Performance: Equipped with an 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine, the Bolide achieves staggering performance figures, reaching 0-62 mph in 2.17 seconds. 

Ongoing Refinement: Bugatti refines aerodynamics and handling, aligning with international FIA safety standards, potentially leading to subtle design changes. 

Innovative Interior Approach: The Bolide's interior reflects minimalism, with rearview mirrors replaced by screens and a focus on hidden tech for a clean appearance. 

Weight-Saving Focus: Stripping airbags, climate control, and media systems contributes to a focused appearance, with the driver seat specially molded for weight reduction. 

Exclusive Track Days: Bugatti plans exclusive track days to introduce customers to the Bolide's breathtaking performance, setting it apart from competitors. 

High-End Pricing: Priced at €4 million, the Bolide's exclusivity, limited production (40 units), and track-only status make it a valuable investment likely to appreciate over time. 

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