Valentine's Week is a week-long celebration leading up to Valentine's Day, starting on February 7th and culminating on February 14th.

The week kicks off with Rose Day on February 7th, where individuals exchange roses as a symbol of love and affection.


Propose Day on February 8th, a day dedicated to declarations of love and proposals for marriage or commitment.


Chocolate Day falls on February 9th, allowing couples to indulge in sweet treats and exchange chocolates as tokens of love.

Chocolate DAY

Teddy Day, celebrated on February 10th, involves gifting adorable teddy bears to loved ones as a gesture of comfort and affection.

Teddy Day

Promise Day on February 11th is a time for couples to make heartfelt promises to each other, strengthening their bond and commitment.

Promise Day

Hug Day, observed on February 12th, encourages individuals to express their love through warm and comforting hugs, fostering intimacy and connection.

Hug Day

February 13th is Kiss Day, a day dedicated to the expression of love through romantic kisses, symbolizing passion and affection.


Finally, Valentine's Day on February 14th is the culmination of the week-long celebration, where couples express their love and appreciation for each other through romantic gestures, gifts, and quality time together.

February 14th

Each day of Valentine's Week offers a unique opportunity for couples to celebrate their love in different ways, creating lasting memories and strengthening their relationships.

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