Meta Unveils ‘Link History’ for Facebook Users 2024 : Navigating the Latest Upgrade on Facebook

Link History for Facebook Users

In a recent update, Meta has officially confirmed the forthcoming availability of the ‘Link History’ option for all Facebook users. While this feature has been gradually rolling out in selected regions over the past few months, its widespread availability on both Android and iOS platforms is imminent.

Link History is a new archival feature designed by Facebook, allowing users to easily track and revisit the links they have interacted with on the platform. According to Meta, this feature will store links visited within Facebook’s Mobile Browser for a period of 30 days.

Turning Link History On or Off

Users have the flexibility to activate or deactivate Link History at their convenience. By default, the feature is turned on, and users can switch it off whenever they choose. This is done by accessing the Facebook mobile browser settings.

Clearing Your Link History

Should you wish to clear your Link History, Meta assures users that this can be done instantly by turning off the setting. However, it’s crucial to note that complete deletion may take up to 90 days.

Privacy Concerns

While Link History offers a convenient way to revisit recent links, it comes with privacy considerations. Meta acknowledges that the information collected may be used to enhance targeted advertisements across its platforms.

Notably, Meta has already implemented the Link History feature on the Instagram app for mobile phones. Users can access this feature through the ‘Your Activity’ option in the menu.

Global Rollout and Availability

The Link History toggle is currently being introduced globally on the Facebook app for iOS and Android. However, desktop users may have to wait for the feature to be extended to their platforms.

While ‘Recent Ad Activity’ remains a tracking tool for ads engaged with, Link History provides an additional means for users to monitor their Facebook activity.

Link History serves as a handy tool for users seeking to retrieve links they’ve visited but may not fully remember. It offers an organized archive of recent online interactions within the Facebook ecosystem.

User Experience

The in-app prompt emphasizes the user-friendly nature of Link History, with a message urging users to “Never lose a link again.”

Meta may utilize Link History information to curate more relevant ads within the app, enhancing user engagement and targeting.

Ad Preferences and Customizing Your Experience

For users discontent with the ads shown, adjusting preferences in the ‘Ad Preferences’ section allows customization. Deleting specific links may refine targeting for a more personalized experience.

When Can Users Expect the Update?

Meta has not provided a specific timeline for the global rollout of the Link History Archive option. However, the company assures that the expansion is in progress for all mobile users.


In conclusion, the Link History feature offers Facebook users an additional tool to track and revisit their recent online interactions. While providing convenience, users should be mindful of the potential impact on targeted advertisements.

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Can I permanently delete my link history?

Yes, you can permanently delete your link history by turning off the Link History setting. However, complete deletion may take up to 90 days.

Does Link History work on desktop?

Currently, Link History is available on the Facebook app for iOS and Android. Its availability on desktop is yet to be confirmed.

How does Meta use my link history for targeted ads?

Meta may use link history information to improve targeted advertisements across its platforms, enhancing the relevance of ads shown to users.

Is my link history shared with third parties?

Meta has not specified whether link history is shared with third parties. However, user privacy is a key consideration, and information usage is outlined in the platform’s policies.

Can I turn off targeted ads altogether?

While Link History can be turned off, Meta’s targeted ads are a separate feature. Users can customize their ad preferences in the ‘Ad Preferences’ section to adjust the types of ads they see.

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